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  • Cindy's Louisiana Home Cooking Vol1

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    THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN Vol1 and Vol2 is Vol1 is an INTRODUCTION to  Vol2 and is a KINDLE EDITION ONLY and has about 50 RECIPES. Vol2 IS A HARDBACK COVER and has OVER 150 RECIPES.


    First of all, I want to thank you for reading and supporting this book. I hope it brings you as much joy as it brought me to create it.

    This cookbook is also just a little taste of my home town (New Orleans Louisiana) Creole and Cajun cuisine and its history that I wanted to document. This cook book reserves a seat for the world at my family's table and in Cindy's Creole Kitchen. I tried to fill this book with recipes that will help you experience my family's Creole flavor that is as authentic as New Orleans itself.

    This book is A product of Cindy's Creole Kitchen. Look out for more publications that you will surely enjoy.